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Title: You are just like me!
Rating: PG
Summary: Ficlet + one graphic about the discord between them.


“You are as sectarian as I am.”

the redheaded wizard responded.

“I want pure blood students; you want brave and noble students; and you, beautiful brains and smartness.”

“It’s completely different Salazar,”
Rowena added.

“In what?”

“Purity is what you are,” the woman continued. “Bravery and cleverness are what you do. Acts matter. And we can teach them what acts are worth it.”

“Do you really think that you can educate bravery? Or that with a half brain a student can be the new Aristotle? No! Because, like the purity, it is in the blood, and you can’t change it!"

“Human being changes Salazar. If you work hard, if you really want it, you can change.”
Godric declared, with such gravity that his voice sounded old and mature all of a sudden.

“That’s what you think?”


“Come on Godric! You don’t even believe what you are saying! I know you better than what you think. And you are wrong: people don’t change! So what about these poor students without values or bravery or beautiful mind? Where will they go because of your intolerance?”

“In my house,”
a soft voice whispered.

Three pairs of eyes turned to Helga. The blond, the tiny and always quiet Helga.

“Yes Helga. In your house.”, Salazar repeated “Because you are the only real tolerant person in this room. Not hypocritical like these two.”

the other wizard asked.

“Yes! Hypocritical! 5 syllables. Maybe it’s too complicated for the man of war that you are Godric. But I’m sure Miss Ravenclaw will take a pleasure to explain it to you.”

Thanks God, they didn’t have their wands. One of the rules they established for each of their official meetings. But being disarmed couldn’t stop Godric and his desire to make him swallowing his words. Rowena’s fingers around his wrist could though.

“You are lying!” Salazar affirmed. “You two, pretending to be tolerant and open mind! At least, I have the bravery to admit it to myself. I’m frank. Helga is frank. But not you two!”

And in a green and silver whirlwind, he disappeared between the two hug doors of the council room. As his best friend -even if he knew he won’t keep this title for long- Godric decided to follow him. But once again, Rowena grabbed his hands.

Helga was the only person he could stand the company right now.

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